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Kay Fiedler

who is un(d)danceBAR?

Kay Fiedler, born 1970, half blind, half deaf, but wants to be a musician and photographer. Let's go…

The early years 1971 – 1982

It all started with the old piano in my grandmother Roberty's hallway. I loved the heavy wooden keys and the tone they made and played around with them: not always to the delight of adults.

My parents bought me a Stylophone, the quasi first folk synthesizer, the Bill Ramsey um 1974 advertised on TV. A circuit board with 3 octaves and a cable pin, who made contact. It was okay for individual grades and at least I learned “All my little ducklings [children's song”. David Bowie had more success with it (Space Oddity).

My love for music developed early. If only because my parents felt 3 meters of records and didn't leave out any genre. They were completely cosmopolitan and even heard the beginnings of house and techno.

I am musically a hunter and collector of all styles of music, have rough 1600 Original CDs in the closet and once had almost the same thing again on vinyl. I'm really listeningat genres and, in addition to the music itself, have also accumulated various useless knowledge about the people behind the scenes, the musical power replacement of the record giants by small labels, the success of the independent scene against the mainstream, the change in listening through private broadcasters, the transition from vinyl to CD and back to vinyl, Napster and the MP3 misery. All of this shaped me as a child of the 70s.

Come on turkey!

C64 had an equally formative effect, Amiga and later PC for me. I was playing and just being fascinated by the minimal music of the C64. In the beginning I collected more music, until I dealt with the dynamics of music programs myself. It was never about creating a chart hit for me, but to understand a music program, its construction, the sound production.

DJing in the 80's

I had my first experiences as a DJ when I was still at school. My own musical interest got me a little YAMAHA PSR, that I got from my friend Mike Martens (Mr. Gunomane) borrowed. But lack of internet (wow…?) and proper instruction, it was just a few grip exercises and improvisations.

I've never been to discotheques as a DJ, but held private parties with records and lights. weddings, birthdays, corporate parties. Nevertheless, I have nothing in common with today's DJs. The art of mixing, without hearing any transitions: to get the next track ready in seconds – you didn't have to do that back then. A simple fader was enough back then. respect to all of them, who can today!

1992 – A PC and better sound cards

First 1992 I came through a work colleague who has been a good friend for many years, Matthias Fellbrich (XiluKarim) to, also to learn more about production technology. At that time he was making MIDI covers of hits and pop music on the Amiga. As a hobby DJ, I showed him the world of 1996 emerging trance, after the 1992 house and acid boom slowly dismantled to make way for softer structures, which we both liked more.

Almost at the same time we switched to the PC and bought the big AWE cards from Soundblaster, which for years have been the most affordable consumer sound cards incl. had wavetables.

Together with DK Stan we worked on his first self-burned album, which sold quite well locally in the Pinneberg area. Not only, that there was no hardware recording yet (Pentium 90), CD burning was also an expensive adventure back then (2x burner with 512kb Ram under Win 3.1)!

Ever since he taught me the basics of rhythm and beat programming, I also worked more and more on my own little pieces, I've been using the DAWs Magix Musik Maker, Made Jeskola Buzz and Propellerhead Reason/ReBirth more familiar, but continued to cover old C64 tracks by the old masters.

It's a passion, that hasn't let go of me to this day! These musicians were truly sound magicians due to the limited capabilities of the SID6502!

2018 – The first push

About my friend Atilla (u.a. Agemastered) I came 2018 in possession of several analog synths and music programs from an estate with a new value of several tens of thousands of euros. It was sort of the obligatory Holy Grail, that influenced my decision, to become more professional, to learn and to make better use of my previously rather miserable YouTube channel in addition to my SoundCloud channel. I found the tool for that purpose “Magic Visual Effects” that uses beat-controlled graphic effects.

2021 – The second push

spring 2021 came a youtuber Sabrina (Delphina Sato) in my direction, if I could make her a similar video to one of her songs. Of course I could do that for her!

We got talking and I basically passed on all my music production knowledge to her. She was so enthusiastic about my help and the endless explanations of the following weeks, that she thanked me with a textbook personally signed for me by the Austrian producer Thomas Foster.

Also the well-known producer DJKC, known from the radio stations Antenne Mainz and Frankfurt, offered me his help, if I wanted them and invited me to his Discord channel.

From there everything went very quickly. I was invited to various Facebook music groups, made acquaintances, where we help each other, give production tips, Hold Zoom meetings and much more. still 2021 I had my first Spotify earnings and at least the 19th audience place in the hobby musicians' contest of the HOFA Institute. To the end 2021 was my title “ibREAku” on the Spotify Competition CD, by Rene Lienke's LüneStudio (Synthynator) was organized.

2022 – The Contest “Electronica”

Sabrina (Delphina Sato) has with Ralph (RaWu Music) a remix contest for my 2018 song without my knowledge “Electronica” put on its feet. An action that takes place without publicity 15 Artists had registered. There were ultimately 17 Submitted remixes. My joy and amazement when I first heard it was unbelievable! What the remixers have delivered exceeds all my expectations. I hope, that the three of us from the organization did justice to all remixers with the release.

2022 – Ho.. drive to the H…

I took part in the HOFA contest again and took one “turbulent” third place among electronic music! The bitter allegation of fraud reduced this “success”. Because HOFA was unable to explain the numerous deletions of voices.

Nevertheless, I made many new contacts with exceptional artists. So I used my vacation with Arnie Sprenger (the sun king) in Paderborn, Rene Lienke (Space Pop Boys) in his Lüneburg studio, and finally also dr. Goedert (Man by DaVinciGirl) to meet in Dortmund. I chatted comfortably with everyone about production, working methods, the music biz in general and friendships.

2022 – Me and the AI

TO, how artificial intelligence is called in German has fascinated me since the first text adventures on the C64. For real “intelligent” Parsers could react differently to nearly all player inputs and curses. Which was a game back then, already helps us on many occasions today, especially in music, Audio-, Chart- and video production.

Most AI systems work in many plug-ins for a wide variety of tasks without the user noticing. Matching mix qualities, Creation of random logical presets to instruments, but also increasingly in the field of composition.

Many musical colleagues see this as the end of creativity, call it canned food! I see it more as a tool and have looked at various programs in this field: Orb Producer, Captains PlugIns, Melody Sauce and Scaler are some of the representatives, all of which have their strengths and weaknesses.

But all of these systems have one thing in common! They don't create the music. You just create the basic idea of ​​a “possible” Song, a theme, what it's about “could”. Forming the actual track out of it, initiate him, to instrumentalise and make a good song. This is still the actual creative art. Ultimately, you can and must at various points, make the arrangement all by yourself.

For the producer and musician Bruno Kramm (That I) and AI guru Dr. I'm taking Tristan Behrens on a beta test for another AI project called “Retro Future Composer” part, the results of which I collect and assemble into small melodies, to document the function with it and to show others, that the AI ​​is not our enemy.

At the same time, I create many graphic ideas about the AI ​​project “Stable Diffusion UI”, that already helps many fellow musicians with the creation of cover pictures.

2023 – Ein ruhiges Jahr

Viele Projekte, die leider versackt sind. Das größte davon sicher das “Musicians Against Bullying”-Projekt, in das viele Mannstunden Arbeit einflossen, um dann von immer mehr Künstlern doch wieder verlassen und schlie0lich aufgegeben zu werden. Milena Thought und X-Lab haben unseren kleinen Producer-Club verlassen. Und ich fand den Weg hin zu CINEASTISCHER Musik, weniger poppig, dafür umso tiefgründiger, kombiniert mit der Idee künftig in DOLBY ATMOS zu produzieren. Leider bietet mein Distributor diese Option nicht an. Miz noch drei fertigen Filmmusiktiteln in Vorlauf, wurde ich Ende Dezember ans Sterbebett meiner Mutter gerufen. In der Zeit entstanden die Titel zuX Days Till Death”, einem Konzeptalbum, dass ich eigentlich nur für mich zur Bewältigung der Zeit ersann.

2024 – Alles neu und Udio

Monate nachdem meine Mutter verstarb erschien im Mai 2024 “X Days Till Deathauf Spotify und anderen Plattformen. Ich kann mir vorstellen, dass es viele Menschen da draußen gibt, die sich Musik zur Bewältigung wünschen, die sie mit negativen Emotionen beladen können, um sie dann nie wieder Hören zu müssen, nicht im Radio, nicht bei Feiern, Musik quasi zum Einmalgebrauch!

Dann kam UDIO nebst SUNO aus dem nichts und sorgte als neues KI-Modell für viel Wirbel, gerade bei den Musiker-Communitys. Die Modelle sind im Gegensatz zu Systemen von vor 1-2 Jahren so unglaublich gut geworden, dass so mancher Musiker mal wieder an Aufgabe denkt, statt sich die Technik zu nutze zu machen, oder den Ehrgeiz zu entwickeln seinen persönlichen Stil endlich zu entwickeln, statt nur Mitläufer werden zu wollen. Denn insofern haben die aufgebenden “Musician” schon Recht: Im ausgetretenen Musikfeld kann theoretisch jetzt JEDER mitspielen, ohne jegliches musikalisches Talent zu brauchen.

Sinnvoll ist eine musikalische Grundbegabung allerdings auch für UDIO, da es das Ergebnis positiv ergänzt, wenn man Songtexte schreiben kann, Stimmungen einschätzen kann, den Stil zu einem bestimmten Hörgefühl bewegen möchte. Ohne einen Funken Talent, kommt auch bei Udio und Suno nur gediegenes Mittelmaß raus. In über 24 Tracks habe ich mich an die Möglichkeiten von Udio v1.0 herangearbeitet, alte Gedichte und Songtexte aus über 30 Jahren Schreiben zum Klingen gebracht und in das kostenlose AlbumThe Udio-Project #1gesteckt.

The production

I really only use my cane in the dark in foreign cities. My residual light is sufficient, to finish at my very leisurely pace on a 42nd″-TV to work on the PC. And, i am an artist. And, I have a wide range of interests and I pass on my profound knowledge to everyone, who asks for it.

We little artists and those who want to become one, have to stick together. There are many artists with severe disabilities in our circle of colleagues, who are much better versed and successful in their field, as mine one.

I'm sure it has hit me stupid several times with disabilities, however, I am no Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder. I haven't had any hit potential for international charts for a long time and I prefer to do my personal thing in the minimal art field with occasional cover songs!

My eyes- and ear problems go way back to the 80's and 90's. who “ordeal” interested in it, may look at the lyrics (https://yakobo.de/?page_id=691) like to read.

The greaser

I write Poems and short stories, Since I 13 war. I've tried many styles, recently wanted to write a book, but I failed again and again, I just have too many hobbies. There was also a time as graphics- and media designer, Web designer and copywriter, in which I put all my creative energy at the service of my company. (https://yakobo.de/?page_id=691)

There Snaps

Think photo passion was also coined in the early years, when the eyes were still fine. At that time still with real photo equipment and darkroom of the school. Every photo is an adventure. Professionally, as a web designer, I also took many product photos for our company's web shop. Photography as a hobby only came with my first smartphone 2010 flared up again and has been bugging me ever since. I found out after my city trips, that I had great photos on the monitor at home, I somehow saved my eye! In the meantime, I've also had my first sales on the EyeEm platform and I'm also repeatedly looked at in amazement at things from home, that i see, which hardly anyone can see! It's often the things, which a sighted person can no longer see from his everyday life. And when I see and work through these mostly small things, then the art is born. (http://www.foto.yakobo.de/)

The collector

As already mentioned in the beginning: music is my life! I hear, I collect! The space-saving variant of an online library is not so comfortable for me! I prefer tangible CDs! Nevertheless, all albums are in FLAC quality directly on my media server! what in mine 3 Shelves so dormant?

Durch den Tod meiner Mutter hat sich die grob 1600 Original-CD-Sammlung um schätzungsweise 1000 weitere Original-CD’s vergrößert. Hinzu kommen die auf CD geretteten Vinyl-Schätze auf mindestens nochmal 500 CDs. Die Frage nach demBrauch man das alles?” mag berechtigt sein. Dazu muss sich sagen, dass Musik bei mir sehr stark mit den Ereignissen ihrer Zeit verbunden ist; so wie viele ihr Gedächtnis mit Hauseinrichtungen im Kopf trainieren, so sind es bei mir bestimmte Musiktitel, die Bilder und Geschehnisse speichern. Sie nicht zu haben, hieße einen Teil meines Gehirns zu ignorieren und in Vergessenheit geraten zu lassen. das Gebäude wäre unvollständig.

Unvollständig sind somit auch die folgenden Listen, die noch den Stand von 03-2023 haben.